Just Keep Swimming


My son at swim lessons: Back floating in 14 ft.

It’s been 5 months since my last post and for many graduate students, you don’t often look back on your projects unless they still serve a purpose for you. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of a ride, but I’m still on the journey into Libraryland. While in the middle of LIBS 602 (the course that required that I create this blog) and working at ODU’s Learning Resource Center (my graduate assistantship), I was offered an opportunity to become a teacher librarian and I accepted. Shortly after concluding my year-long graduate assistantship, I had one week to enjoy a brief summer break with my family before becoming a new library media specialist. Simultaneously, I had to take one more graduate course for the endorsement, student teaching, which in my case became a semester-long mentorship where instead of shadowing a teacher librarian in an unpaid internship, I am the teacher librarian with nobody to shadow and learning everything on my own (with the support of colleagues), one day at a time.

With winter break behind us, we’re nearly halfway into the school year. If you had asked me five months ago what I would envision myself to be doing in 2017, I would have had only one response: survival. Since I began this journey in the summer of 2013, it hasn’t been easy trying to keep myself afloat, trying to figure out how to balance life as a mother, military spouse, graduate student, book reviewer, teacher, and now, teacher librarian. It’s been physically and emotionally draining, but I’m still here, doing the best I can every day for myself, my family, and my students.

And, like everyone else, I’m counting down the days! But first, we have to get through this last snow day. Then, make it to spring break. From there, we have to hold on just a little bit longer until we can float aimlessly away, putting school momentarily behind us, as we enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation.


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