Conference Proposal

webtools.pngWe’ve reached the end of the semester and this is my final assignment. My brain is more analytical than artistic, so creating a lengthy presentation without using PowerPoint wasn’t easy for me to create without reverting to old habits. Customizing each slide without a template has definitely been a challenge for me! Powtoons latest changes and updates also made it difficult to figure out, and I noticed that some objects that were previously free are now worth a fee. There was also more of a lag while creating and editing each slide that wasn’t there the last time I created a project with Powtoon. I felt like this digital tool was really testing my patience as I made every move with an impending delay from the application.

Session title and description: “Power Play on Presentations” – Why rely on PowerPoint when you can captivate your students and enhance your lessons with online photo editors, audio tools, comic and storyboard creators, and video and presentation tools? Add a new dimension to the teaching and learning experience by exploring and incorporating digital tools!

Here is the link to my presentation:









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