As we are in our 5th week of class this summer, we’re looking at a variety of library websites to get an idea of how we might create our own. Before creating a library website, I wanted to compare the benefits of using Wix and Google Sites, since I’ve used Smore and Weebly before. Although a review on Wix said it won’t allow you to change your template once it’s chosen, I’ve decided to try it instead of Google Sites which has less options for customization.

LIBS602-WixWebsiteThe working draft for my library website can be found here:

Here are the school library websites I liked during my search:

The first link to Hershey Middle School’s library website is my favorite one. I like the simplicity of the layout, the contrast of warm colors, and the scrolling images that capture the viewer’s attention. I also like how the spacing gives everything room to breathe. Also, I noticed that this middle school has an active presence in social media and has kept up with its links. While safety and privacy is always a concern for educators, it’s vital we also keep up with current trends. With 73% of teenagers using social media to connect with each other, we should be maintaining a strong online presence that encourages our students to be responsible digital citizens.


TeachThought Staff. (2012). 10 reasons to consider BYOD in education. Retrieved from


3 thoughts on “Websites

  1. jjohnson704 says:

    I was somewhat surprised that the BF Yancey site had so little to do with reading and/or books. However, it looks like their library is a very active place and an integral part of the school.

    I agree with the previous post about citing your images. I love that you can hover over each one and see the citations. Overall, I think you have made a wonderful start! It is colorful, inviting, and shows an active library.


    • Journey into Libraryland says:

      What stood out to me with this website was how it conveys a bright, cheerful, and a very kid-friendly layout. From the photos, it looks like this library is more of a maker space and its website provides plenty of resources for the school community. I do think that if there were a link to the reading programs and catalog, we’d get a better sense of how reading and books are incorporated. Maybe if there were an introduction on the welcome page, we’d get a better idea of the purpose of the website.


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