Week 4: In addition to audio tools, we’re also learning about podcasts. A podcast is online audio content, similar to a radio show, but instead “a podcast is recorded and then distributed over the internet” using a subscription feed (Warner, n.d.). With podcasts, students can talk about school news or anything else they want to share like stories, songs, music, jokes, or interviews. Creating podcasts give students the opportunity to sharpen their literacy skills when they write scripts, set up interviews, etc. Students that miss a class can also benefit from podcasts since classroom discussions and lessons can also be recorded and listened to at a later time. Additionally, students learn team-building skills when they work together as a group to make a great show.

Out of the two lists of educational podcasts we had to choose from, I gave The Moth, https://themoth.org/, a listen. I’ve actually heard of them before–my husband recommended them to me–but this was my first time actually checking them out. When it comes to listening to audio, I prefer to listen to all kinds of music, and what I listen to just depends on my current mood. (As I write this, I’m listening to The Beatles!) So, this was the perfect time for me to finally listen to my husband’s recommendation.

moth on porch

The Moth is a non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to the art of storytelling. In 1997, it was founded by George Dawes Green because he wanted to recreate the feeling of summer evenings in Georgia, where he and his friends would gather on a porch and share stories. The light from the porch would attract moths, which inspired George and his group to call themselves, The Moths. Green took the name with him to New York where he created the first storytelling program, and now, there are many programs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities. The Moth has a weekly podcast, The Moth Podcast, with stories from their Moth events, and a national public radio show, The Moth Radio Hour. They also developed The Moth Education Program for “young people and educators to build community through storytelling workshops, performances, and innovative resources” (The Moth, n.d.). Similar to poetry slams, they sponsor events and programs including: High School StorySLAM, All-City StorySLAM, College Program, and teacher professional development.

The Moth creates “a supportive space in which people can listen and be heard,” provides “tools for storytelling,” and provides “a platform for stories to be heard through [their] channels” (The Moth, n.d.). They believe that “processing experience through narrative can provide insight and agency, listening to stories can widen our perspective and help us realize what we have in common,” and “a community is strengthened when its members share stories with one another” (The Moth, n.d.). I enjoyed listening to the students’ podcasts on the website. It takes bravery for people to share their personal stories with the world. Like this organization, I believe that storytelling is a powerful tool where people can not only share experiences, but also build connections, while also realizing commonalities among others they might not otherwise meet.


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2 thoughts on “Podcasting

  1. Diane Shores says:

    I had never heard of The Moth before this assignment. I think it is such a valuable tool to use in the classroom! I would love to have students write their own stories and then create a podcast like those on The Moth. Your description of the podcasts is very detailed- great job!


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