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Week 4: This week we’re learning about audio tools. I explored Vocaroo, AudioPal, and Blabberize. Vocaroo is a free online voice recording service. AudioPal is a free online audio player. Blabberize is a free online photo editing tool that allows you to animate images. AudioPal and Blabberize allow you to embed the audio tools, but Vocaroo doesn’t give you that option. AudioPal walks you through the steps on how to use their website, while Vocaroo just has a button to click and record. With AudioPal, there are four options to create a message: record a message using a phone; text-to-speech; use a computer microphone; or upload a mp3 file. Vocaroo automatically saves your recording and allows downloading, but storage is only temporary. Blabberize has a talking llama and sheep that introduces you to their website. Once you hit the Make button, you are walked through the process of animating an image of your choice. A fee is required for downloading videos, but there are other choices such as sharing a link or embedding a video.

AudioPal and Vocaroo can be used in the classroom or library to record instructions for class work, homework assignments, and particular passages. Blabberize can be used when students want to animate a photo or drawing as part of a story. Students can also use these tools to create audio for booktalks, newscasts, book reviews, etc. Audio tools can also help ESL/ELL students practice English, while students learning another language can listen to the audio pronunciations.

Since Blabberize looked like fun, my seven year old son and I explored the website together. This is the result:

Mister Snow is named and narrated by my son. He was built by my children, with our help. I took this photo during this past winter.

UPDATE: I tried embedding the video directly into this post, but I had forgotten that to do so requires a fee.




One thought on “Audio Tools

  1. E. Rayhel says:

    Great idea about using audio tools to help ESL/ELL learners. I also think using audio tools for student book talks and book reviews would be beneficial for students to effectively communicate main ideas and concepts orally. Great post!


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