Design & Font

I chose this design because of its overall simplicity. When looking for examples of layouts, I came across the Sela theme and it stood out to me the most. The layout example I saw was bold, simple, and welcoming, which appeals to me. I can tweak this layout to better suit my needs while thinking with a designer’s mindset where the “goal is to make visuals that support our message in a manner that is easiest for our audience to understand” (Reynolds, 2014, p. 19). In regards to my font choices, I liked the Noto Sans font for the Headings and Open Sans font for the base font. They are very similar and seem to “work better on [the] computer screen” and also “look great at large sizes and pop out well” in comparison to some of the other fonts (Reynolds, 2014, p. 40). In addition, both fonts look like they are part of a similar family which will make it easier “to use different weights and sizes to establish hierarchy, add emphasis, and create visual interest” (Reynolds, 2014, p. 42).

Reynolds, G. (2014). Presentation design: A simple visual approach to presenting in today’s world. San Francisco, CA: New Riders Press.



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